Staff Spotlight: Mrs.Spradling

Katie Grace, Staff Writer

An interview with Vandegrift’s Transition Coordinator, Mrs.Spradling.

 1.)    What is a little bit about your life outside of school?

 I live in central Austin and try to stay busy outside of school, taking advantage of all the fun things to do nearby with my husband of almost 10 years and 2-year old daughter, Micah.  We love running around the trail on the weekends and usually cap that off by hanging out at a coffee shop, enjoying the sunshine, caffeine and pastries.  I’m usually busy training for a race and soon will be getting back into triathlon mode, jumping back on the bike and swimming laps in the pool.  Micah keeps me busy as well – swim lessons, puzzles, playing outside, but I still find time to cook, read (I am a sucker for young adult sci-fi/fantasy), and watch TV (we just started True Detective since this season of Walking Dead has wrapped up).

 2.)    What is your favorite part about being a part of  Vandegrift?

 I love the fact that I was here from the beginning and have a great sense of camaraderie with the staff as well as a sense of ownership for helping to build Vandegrift into what it is today.  I feel like Vandegrift is an amazing school that truly focuses on students: what’s best for students and relationships with students – it’s a great feeling to know that we strive to provide the best service possible and really work hard to help launch you guys into a successful future.  Plus, the Vandegrift staff are an extension of my family who supported me through a complicated pregnancy, are always on hand to give me parenting advice, and even do running challenges together to stay in shape!

 3.)    What is your favorite part about being a Transition Coordinator?

 Helping students.  I was so lucky as a senior because my mom was a high school college counselor at the time, so I had an amazing amount of guidance through the process.  However, I still have regrets that I didn’t shop around more for colleges, become more aware of my opportunities, and also wish I had been more prepared for navigating college systems.  I made it through, obviously making a few mistakes along the way, but I love that I now have the chance to help students see their options, ensure they have somewhere to continue their education, and hopefully get a leg-up on understanding college through Early College Start opportunities. Plus, I had to pay my own way through college, so I understand the expense and stress of it all, and love to see students graduating with a healthy combination of college courses and AP scores that earn them a jump start on credits and help them save some money.

 4.)    What is one fun fact about yourself? 

 I’ve done a Half-Ironman (70.3 miles)