Son of God Review

Ramie Ruble, Editor-in-Chief

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This movie is based off of “The Bible” mini-series that aired last year on the History Channel and is directed by the same guy, Christopher Spencer.  It follows the life of Jesus from his birth to his resurrection.  The movie focuses on his teaching days and fairly summarizes many of Jesus’ most important sermons and miracles.  The Son of God features an amazing soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, but the computer graphics are less than adequate.

Son of God is pleasing to a Christian audience, but would probably do little to convince nonbelievers of the Christian message.  It remained true to the Bible; however it glossed over some very important points, and focused heavily on the small moments.  The depiction of the crucifixion is potentially emotionally scaring to more sensitive audiences, but it is not on the same level as Mel Gibson’s  Passion of the Christ.  I did enjoy the movie, but the cinematic errors took away from the potential for this movie to be a classic.

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