SXSW Rumor Round-Up

Bryce Martinez, Staff Writer

Each year, spring break in Austin boasts a unique experience that remains unrivaled by other cities nationwide. When many coastal cities thrive due to tourism from the college scene, Austin provides an evolving alternative accessible to people of all ages. The SXSW festival takes place during the week of spring break each year, with the week being divided up between different forms of media. The draw for many comes from the latter half of the week, in which music is showcased throughout the entire city of Austin. It’s impossible to walk a single block without hearing a dozen bands in the process- and almost all of them are completely free.

However, with the large draw of tourists comes a large draw for musicians nationwide, which causes oversaturation in the amount of music acts. South-by goers may struggle in finding some familiar names when strutting down 6th, especially with the lack of information on who’s playing where as well as the spontaneity of most acts.

I’ve compiled a growing list of some more well-known acts that are likely to make an appearance based on their tour schedules. This list is aimed at the casual music-listener in order to feel a little more at home in Austin during this otherwise daunting festival.


Most Likely (Tour dates near Austin before/after SXSW):

-Miley Cyrus

-The Neighbourhood

-Childish Gambino

-Wiz Khalifa

-Chance The Rapper

-Neil Young


-A$AP Mob




Kings of Leon

Elton John


Arctic Monkeys


Possible (No commitments during SXSW week):

Lana Del Rey

The 1975

Snoop Dogg


The Lumineers



Pearl Jam

Mac Miller

While in no means a comprehensive list, the above acts are aimed to please music fans of all types. In addition, be sure to check back for future additions as spring break draws closer. Rumors have proven to be more than speculation when it comes to this festival, so be sure to stay in the know!