Book Spotlight: Looking For Alaska

Abby Knowles, Feature Editor, Ads Manager

Based on the author’s high school experience, the book, Looking for Alaska, follows Miles, a socially awkward teenager, who attends the Culver Creek boarding school. Once at the school, he quickly becomes friends with the Colonel, a kid on scholarship who is known for staging elaborate pranks, and Alaska, an outgoing, but self- destructive, girl. This book is about Miles and his friends during their junior year of high school.

I have read a lot of young adult novels but this one stood out to me because I felt it was a genuine portrayal of high schoolers. There was no overblown angst or silly love triangles, just relatable characters and witty dialogue.  Also, this book was hilarious. The pranks these characters staged had me stifling my laughter and gave me some good ideas for my own senior prank. Another plus, it’s a short read (I read it in one sitting.) If you’re interested you can order it here