Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Davies

Sarah Davis, Sports Center

Q: What are some things you enjoy doing?

A: Outside of school I enjoy hanging out with my husband Justin and my 19 month old daughter Ava.  We like to hike, camp, swim, and hang out at the park. I have two dogs, Dakota and Charlie who love to hang out with us!

Q: Why did you decide to teach chemistry, AP environmental science, and coach swim?

A: I have always had an interest in science, so chemistry was a natural fit for me.  This is my first year teaching AP Environmental Science so I have enjoyed learning more about this particular branch of science.  I have been swimming since I was a little girl. I played water polo in college and it has been awesome to come back to the sport I love as a coach.

Q: Why do you enjoy being a teacher here Vandegrift?

A: I love the atmosphere at Vandegrift. The students and staff are fun and it is a very positive and encouraging place to work.

Q: What is your classroom environment like?

A: I like to think my classroom is a place that students feel welcome and open to discuss their thoughts and ideas.  My door is always open and I love when students swing by to visit.

Q: What is one fun fact about you?

A: In high school I played men’s lacrosse.  Full pads, helmet, and everything! The next year we started a women’s team, but it was a fun experience!