Austin Music Fever: Young the Giant

Austin Music Fever: Young the Giant

Alaina Galasso, Editor in Chief

I wasn’t much involved with the Austin hype about live music, until I attended the Young the Giant concert at Austin Music Hall on Feb 15. Of course I have been to concerts before, but they were all huge venues when the bands looked like dots on a stage, amplified for moments by the screens hanging above me. This concert was different. The venue was a lot smaller, and even though it was a sold out show it still felt so much more intimate with a closely packed crowd and a clear view of the band onstage.

The doors opened at 8 p.m. My group of friends and I were running late, having just returned from eating. The line stretched for what looked like miles, but we luckily caught another group of friends somewhere in the middle. When we entered the building it looked like it was going to be a mad house in no time. The foyer was filled with people trying to rush to get seats, well, the spots where you stand anyway.

We managed to find a front row open area on the balcony, so we had a great view of the small stage below and the sea of people beginning to claim their own areas. We weren’t allowed to hold onto the rail or step over this yellow line in front of us. This turned out to be a blessing as throughout the night multiple people would try to stand in front of us, but the staff would shine their flashlight into their eyes until they moved.

The music, of course, was the main event. The warm up band was alright but we were all anticipating Young the Giant’s entrance once they had finished up. Finally the lights dimmed and I screamed along with everyone else until I thought my voice would be gone the next day. Opening with ‘Anagram’, the band went through new and old songs, including hits ‘Cough Syrup’ and ‘My Body’. Each set was accompanied by chants from the crowd and the crowd of people on the floor moving in sync to the music. I was surprised by how stunning the lead singer’s voice was and how much better the songs sounded with the guitars, drums and vocals blasting live throughout the space. We still danced to the songs we didn’t know due to the adrenaline and the shared joy in the love of music. The songs we did know included shared looks of pure excitement and singing (or yelling) until we were hoarse.

By the end of the night, which went by way too fast, I had Austin live music fever. Being in such a tight space with nothing but music and people really made me understand why so many Austin residents come to view these concerts each weekend. I now want to attend each concert I can, even if I only know a few songs by the band. Knowing that the whole crowd is as in love with the music as you are is absolutely unbeatable, and that will be enough to bring me back time after time.