Endless Love Early Premiere

Kelly Honts , Web Editor

        Today marks the early premiere of highly anticipated movie, Endless Love.  Although the movie is set to come out on Valentine’s Day, a few theaters will be playing it today for excited fans to help get word of mouth out before it officially opens.

        Endless love is a romantic drama that tells the story of a privileged girl (Gabriella Wilde), who just graduated from high school,  and her first serious relationship with a boy who is more than a little rough around the edges (Alex Pettyfer). The movie will feature their never ending love for one another despite all the obstacles they may face.

        Early premiere tickets were distributed to the movie’s target audience, so in this case teenage girls, through numerous groups and organizations, however anyone who shows up early enough can purchase one. The early preview will be showing at Regal Gateway 16 theaters at 7:30 .