The Legacies finish off their opening night on a good note.
The Legacies finish off their opening night on a good note.
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A vibrant vanguard

Legacies dancer team performs spring show

The light spotlights the Legacies dancers and senior Naiya Rajashekar tears up as they have just finished their senior goodbye piece. The feeling of warmth and satisfaction of the show wraps around Rajashekar as she looks over the audience. She looks over at her senior friends, who she has stuck with for the past four years, and lives in a moment she would never forget. 

The Legacies performed their yearly spring show, Vanguard, on April 28 and showcased some of their most complex choreographies in a variety of pieces. 

“It’s a really cool time of year to showcase all of our dances,” junior Ashley Tedeschi said. “We put all of our work and effort into it. It’s the last thing we do with this year’s team, so it’s super special.”

Along with their dances from the entire year, the legacies had new choreographed pieces and routines to perform that differed from the past years. 

“I think we definitely felt a lot stronger than last year, even though we had a shorter timeframe to get ready for the stage,” Rajashekar said. “But it was overall really enjoyable, and I was a little sad as a senior for it to be my last spring show ever.”

Despite the tiring rehearsals in the weeks before the show, the Legacies were excited to perform their show with their beloved seniors and peers as they treasured their last few moments with this year’s team. Some of the dancers had some of their favorite moments during the show they would always remember. 

“Some of my favorite moments was when the confetti shot out at the end and talking backstage with everyone,” junior Taylor Ellis said. “Even the in-between pieces where we could talk to everybody and the seniors for the last time.”

During the weeks leading up to the show, the Legacies prepared more on the specific pieces and parts they had in the 

Doing all the dances one last time was very special to me, especially dancing with the seniors for the last time because it’s always really hard to let them go at the end of the year, but it’s a very special time.

— junior Ashley Tedeschi

With their busy schedules, the Legacies have less time to finish their homework and study for tests. 

“I would try to finish my homework on the weekends before all the rehearsals started for that week, so it wasn’t that fun,” Ellis said. 

The dancers have created close relationships with each other over the year as they have performed many pieces together.

“This team means a lot to me,” Tedeschi said. “It gets hard sometimes because we’re all burnt out and it’s hard to get through sometimes, but it always feels good to dance with the team. Dance is very dear to me, so I love it more than anything. This team makes it worth it and at the end of the year, this spring show is just so special that it all comes together and makes everything worth it.”


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