Falling for fall: Spooky Season Favorites


Seiya Mutreja

Fall is a familiar favorite because of the colder weather and Halloween festivities.

Seiya Mutreja, Staff Reporter

As the clock strikes 12 and October starts, people around the world start celebrating the Spooky Season. With spider webs in front yards, haunted houses, and everything pumpkin spice, there are lots of reasons Sophomore Gabriella Diaz and Junior Eliana Fernandes look forward to Fall every year.

“There are many things I love about fall and the Spooky Season,” Diaz said. “I like how people can celebrate it together and it is a community thing. You say spooky season, and everyone knows what you are talking about; everyone gets excited.”

Fernandes is no exception to this and looks forward to fall every year. Asides from the cooler weather and orange leaves, Fernandes is fond of the Spooky Season.

“I like when people decorate their houses for Halloween,” Fernandes said. They never used to do that when I was younger, so it is fun to see it now. When I go on drives and see all the houses it is really pretty.”

Another major part of Halloween celebrations is costumes. Diaz mentioned that her favorite memory of Halloween was one in which she had a unique costume.

“A few years ago, my mom helped make me a spider costume for Halloween,” Diaz said. “It was very cool because she made stuffed arms that would hang from my real arms. I also had a headdress filled with googly eyes. It was a very cool costume, especially since my mom made it for me.”

In spite of the decorations and costumes, there are some aspects of Fall that people do not enjoy. Fernandes dreads the SAT testing during the season.

“I really enjoy the festivities in Fall and Winter,” Fernandes said. “However, knowing that I have to take the PSAT at the end of October stresses me out, especially since it matters more with the National Merit scholarship. It takes away from the excitement.”

As a sophomore, Diaz doesn’t feel the same pressure from testing. Still, there are some things about the season that she would change, given the opportunity.

“My least favorite thing about the Spooky Season is that sometimes people take things too far,” Diaz said. “It can get weird, dangerous, or illegal.”

Still, both Diaz and Fernandes wait in anticipation for the season every year. Fernandes says it is her favorite time of year.

“My favorite part of the school year is from October to December,” Fernandes said. “Spooky season is a big part of that. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas; all the festivities make that part of the school year more fun.”

Though many people look at the celebrations as overrated, Fernandes and Diaz both disagreed.

“I don’t think it’s overrated,” Diaz said. “Spooky Season is a fun tradition that everyone can participate in, no matter what their beliefs. ‘Cause it’s Spooky Season. There are no limitations – do what you want for a fright.”