From Austin native to New York novice: Student commits to New York University


Izel Talu

Already ready to go in her NYU merch, Talu will begin her freshman year in September of 2022.

Abby Lincks , Editor

From Austin native to New York novice, Izel Talu is already planning for the countless shuttles on campus and the long walks around town for her upcoming four-year stay at New York University (NYU), to which she was accepted on December 15 through early admission. She will be starting freshman year in September of 2022.

“I’ve always really loved New York City,” Talu said. “I really like urban life, and we [family] also have a lot of family friends up there so I thought NYU would be a great choice because I like the duality of having an artistic side to a college but also a prestigious, academic program.”

Talu plans to major in international relations, minor in economics and participate in thespian activities, returning to a theater and performing arts oriented organization since previous experience in recent years. 

“I do want to take courses which are geared toward my major, which is international relations,” Talu said. Right now I’m kind of thinking European international relations, especially everything going on with Ukraine and Russia. 

After visiting NYU in October of 2020, and again in 2021, Talu fell in love with the campus life, where she envisioned furthering her education in both a brand new and exciting environment.

“I’m already kind of adjusted to city life and stuff like that and I really do like fast paced environments so I don’t think it will be much of a lifestyle change,” Talu said. “But again, I can’t even drive. I don’t have my license, which isn’t a huge problem over there.”

Instead, she’ll be buying a metrocard, obtaining her ID and acclimating to a new school halfway across the country on the east coast.

“I’m really ready for the change because I’ve been in Austin my whole life,” Talu said. 

Before acceptance, NYU living and international relations, Talu made a plan for success, which consisted of many AP classes, extracurriculars and participation in notable organizations. 

“I also really tried to diversify my resume by getting a job and kind of switching around my activities,” Talu said. “So, I did robotics for a couple of years. Then, I switched over to theater to show duality. Not only to show duality, but to express that because I actually wanted to do both of those things.”

Upon early acceptance, Talu was ecstatic, as she was unsure whether she would get into a difficult school amongst a massively competitive admissions process.

Though hard work and extracurriculars are vital, Talu emphasizes that acceptance doesn’t just come down to how many A’s you have or your SAT or ACT scores. 

“It comes down to the person you are,” Talu said. “It’s not necessarily all the classes you’ve taken, all the classes you’ve been in, or the clubs. This goes for anyone for any college. A college wants to see who you are because they’ll select you if you seem to be the kind of person for them.” 

Talu is keen to exercise her long-time interest in the big apple whilst rising up academically– after she takes the self-defense class her mom insists on. And above all, becoming a true New Yorker.

“[NYU] seems to be a school, not to marginalize myself, but I guess for kids that don’t fit a mold,” Talu said.