Book club kicks off


Yness Martinez

The library will be the location of the majority of future book club meetings.

Abby Lincks and Yness Martinez

“It was basically just dead all last year,” Martinez said. “Now we’re trying to resurrect it. Get people in, make it a fun and lively environment for everyone.”

Due to COVID-19, many of the school’s clubs took a hit in attendance and popularity. Moving from in-person learning to virtual learning, core classes overruled the time and attention of students rather than seeking out extracurricular activities. A new year means a new agenda. Club presidents Yness Martinez and Abby Lincks want to strive to get students back to doing what they love, particularly those who love to read. 

Whether you enjoy reading a six hundred page novel, a graphic novel, fan fiction, or magazine, book club caters to anyone interested in reading.

“Our goal is to create an inclusive environment for a variety of students,” Martinez said.
“It doesn’t matter if you haven’t cracked a book open in months, or you read five a day. Anyone is welcome.”

Meeting agendas will be flexible depending on the interests of members. General discussion about favorite/least favorite books and authors, specific genres, or even the whole club reading the same book are all options being considered.

“Say a genre you predominantly reach for is science fiction, however, another person has never read a science fiction book,” Lincks said. “Tell me what sci fi book I should be reading then.”

Lincks wants people to get to know each other through books. Though discussion is a huge part of book club, the goal is to get people to read and to actually have fun doing so. 

“Books can improve reading speed, comprehension, and just general wit,” Martinez said. “It’s so important to learn to enjoy reading at this age, it will be part of the rest of your life.”

They already have stirred the pot of interest online, one future member being junior Jasmine Shinsel.

“I’m excited to get to celebrate the differences in people’s personal preferences,” Shinsel said. “I’m an avid reader, I read in most of my free time.” 

Not everyone spends tons of time reading and co-presidents aren’t expecting them to. Everyone has different reading preferences such as manga, graphic novels, fan fiction, magazines, short stories, novels, anything that piques interest.

“It can really be any type of literature, we want everyone to try and bring something to the table,” Martinez said. “Whether it be a lively discussion or a five page list of recommendations on the development of East Asia, it can really be anything.”

Book club meetings are held once a month on a Wednesday in the library during PIT. Updates for meeting dates will be posted on book club’s Instagram account. Additional updates such as meeting agendas, club activity and anything books will also be available via social media and school news. 

“Our first book club meeting for this 2021 school year will be Wednesday (8/25) during PIT in the library,” Lincks said. “Feel free to sign up for that PIT. Yness and I can’t wait to kick off this year.”

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