Ranting through life

Blogger shares thoughts on lifestyle topics on website


Harshita Avirneni

Junior Jenna Rigney works on a new post for her lifestyle blog during PIT.

Harshita Avirneni, Feature Editor

Nerves flooded through her as she sat at her computer ready to publish. She wasn’t sure if it was good enough for her audience. It had been almost two years, and with every click, she hoped to help someone looking for answers. She took a deep breath, and posted.

Junior Jenna Rigney has created and maintained her very own blog called “Lifestyle Rant” since summer of 2017. The blog covers a mixture of topics including fashion, interior design and anything else that falls under the “lifestyle” category.

“I’ve always been really into fashion and traveling and making things look really pretty, whether it’s my clothes or if it’s my aesthetic with my Instagram,” Rigney said. “And so [the blog] was kind of just like this perfect little niche for me to go into because it had everything I liked, and I got to write about it.”

Jenna updates her blog once or twice a month and adds to it whenever she feels passionate about a topic. Her audience originally started as only teenagers, but has grown to get more recognition from older audiences. Jenna said she has recently gotten more comments from people who are her sister’s age, 25, and even some from people her mom’s age.

“It’s never really been about me,” Rigney said. “Honestly, it’s a lot for the people around me. It’s taking the lessons I have learned, whether it’s lessons I’ve learned socially or emotionally or if it’s fashion wise or if it’s anything lifestyle wise, I’ve learned it, and it’s my passion to share that with people. [It’s about] not to gain but to give.”

Jenna is the only one who writes the material for the blog and manages the website. But her best friend, junior Katie Zaza, helps Jenna with taking the pictures for her blog.

“Whenever she needs me, I’m there,” Zaza said. “I started taking pictures about a few months into it. Her mom used to take pictures for her and then she would take her own pictures and do a self-timer. I remember I started taking fashion pictures for her, and then I took more and more. It’s just been really fun.”

Zaza also mentioned that she tries to support Jenna through the entire process of blogging, whether it be commenting on her blog or telling her face to face how awesome her blog is. Zaza said she tries to be the encouraging voice when no one else is.

“Whenever she posts something, I always comment no matter what,” Zaza said. “First of all, she is a great writer, I don’t even have to fake it. She is just amazing and so creative. She will also come to me and say ‘Katie I don’t know if this is good, maybe it’s too serious or not serious enough. I don’t know if the people will like it.’ [So I back] her up saying ‘you are an amazing writer and what you do is awesome, and I love your ideas.’”

Along with the encouragement from Zaza, Jenna’s mom, Sandy Rigney, also supports Jenna by taking pictures, giving her opinion on ideas and sometimes editing posts before the final publish.

“[Jenna] has become a stronger, more thoughtful writer,” Sandy said. “She is the creative vision behind every aspect of the blog. She has just exploded in every aspect, not just in her writing but her aesthetic style too. I love the topics she covers, the pictures, the personal stories.”

In the future, Jenna said she sees herself continuing her blog because as life goes on, there is going to be so many more things she can write about that people can connect with. She said it would be cool to continue with the blog and see it grow.

“I like hearing the impact that it has,” Jenna said. “While the process of creating stuff is really cool and exciting, I think seeing the benefits of what I do and seeing all the people it reaches is really cool and inspiring.”

To Read Jenna’s Blog Visit: http://www.lifestylerant.com/