Dangerously cute self defense comes to Vandegrift

Caitlin McKeand, Co-Editor in Chief

Dangerously Cute is a seminar where women learn to defend themselves, attend to their surroundings and discover an internal strength and power in an experience that is unmatched. The program will be held at the Vandegrift High School main gym on March 24 at 11 a.m.

Girls Athletic Coordinator and Varsity Soccer Coach, Jen Hardy, will be one of the main instructors along with her sister and her father, Pete Harvey, who designed the program and also owns the STW Krav Maga. Krav Maga is the martial arts form the girls will be learning.

“I would say, you will never get outside out that fear [of being assaulted] until you face it head on,” Hardy said. “The best part about this program is that you’re safe, surrounded by support and getting to learn in a very real-life setting.”

Attendees will learn basic striking techniques with different surfaces such as palms, knees, and elbows. Along with that, how to handle being choked, pinned down and much more.

“I believe that our society has created a demand for us to step up, educate and empower ourselves as females,” Hardy said. “Look at the METOO and ITSTIME movements. Not to mention school shootings. It’s unfortunate that we are currently in a world of, not if but when.”

Hardy said she wants to make sure girls know that they are worth it. Worth speaking up for, and worth fighting for.

“This is about more than just learning how to physically fight back,” Hardy said. “It’s also about speaking up and standing up for ourselves and those we love. It’s quite an empowering opportunity.”

Sophomore Sierra Held is planning to attend the seminar for the first time tomorrow after hearing about it from her friends.

“It’s good not only to be able to defend yourself in certain situations, but feel like you can, and to have that blanket of safety where you know that if you are in a situation, you have the confidence to at least feel like you can do something and you’re not gonna be powerless,” Held said. “It’s a good feeling of empowerment to be able to have that class.”

Held had previously signed up, but was unable to attend due to circumstances.

“I am looking forward to seeing what they’re gonna teach us and I think it’ll really make me feel more prepared and safe, which is always good,” Held said. “I just know that there are a lot of really easy ways to get into dangerous situations, and there are just a lot of things going on that are a little bit frightening in the world and so I would just like to be prepared.”

Senior Natalie Root had Hardy as her cross country athletics coach when she informed the class of the seminar. She attended the seminar in previous years.

“I think it’s important for females to learn self-defense because the rate of females being attacked has increased dramatically in recent years,” Root said “I was slightly nervous [to fight] because I knew we would be taking on guys twice our size, but afterwards I felt a lot stronger because of it.”

Anyone under 18 needs to sign a waiver to attend and anyone 12-65+ is welcome! It’s $30 the day of to attend! To save your spot go to 911kravmaga.com >Events/News>Dangerously Cute Austin.