Power Rangers Movie Review

Blakely Dimiero and Peyton Klam

This past weekend, we took a trip to a local movie theatre to see the new action movie “Power Rangers” in which Jason Scott (Dacre Montgomery) leads a group of new rangers 60 million years after Rita Repulsa(Elizabeth Banks) killed Zordon’s(Bryan Cranston) team of rangers.

Jason is a star quarterback for his high school football team. He decided to pull a prank and put a cow in the school’s football locker room which led to the police hastily chasing him down quickly, resulting in a car accident that ended his football career for good. He gets put on house arrest and has to go to Saturday school for the rest of the year. While in Saturday school, he meets Billy Cranston.(RJ Cyler) Jason is quick to stand up for Billy when he was getting bullied, which is what triggered their friendship. Billy offers to remove Jason’s ankle monitor in return for a favor. As the favor, Jason takes Billy to the construction site when the audience is introduced to  Kimberly Hart (Naomi Scott), Zack Taylor(Ludi Lin) and Trini Kwan(Becky G). Billy blows up a side of the cliff in honor of his father when the group finds glass like rock with coins inside. They all pick up the coins, and soon hear the sirens of the security guards frantically heading their way. Jason and Billy get into the van and start driving off while they quickly pick up Kimberly, Zack and Trini while getting chased by the security guards. Before they could fully get away they get hit by a train and the whole car is totaled, yet they all wake up in their own beds the next day.

The coins begin giving them extraordinary abilities like super strength and jumping. They all decide to go back to the construction site, where they then jump into a cavern and find an entrance to a cave. The group is led to a spaceship which opens when reacted with the special coins. A robot named Alpha-5 finds the group and is overwhelmed that the new “rangers” have finally been chosen. The rangers soon begin training to defeat Rita Repulsa to ensure she wasn’t able to extract the zeo crystal so she take over their town and the world.

We believe that the producers chose a great group of actors that are mostly unknown to the audience which allows the viewers to build their own opinions and traits about a character that is not based off another movie. Another thing that was superior about the movie were the special effects. Throughout the whole movie there was a wide variety of special effects and green screen use that was done outstanding. The use of humor mixed in with the action was another enjoyable part of the movie. When a scene was very tense, certain humor was used

To release the tension and bring a smile to the audience’s faces. One of the major fan favorites of this movie was how it was based off the first movie. This allowed the people who had already seen it to continue in the sequence, but unfortunately for those who had not seen the first movie, were almost clueless as to who some of the characters were and why certain events in this movie were happening.

Since the movie was such a huge release, no one really talked about the flaws of the movie. Some of the things we didn’t enjoy were the use of flat/ cliche dialogue and the erratic plot. They didn’t expand at all on character background and character build up, if you had not previously seen Power Rangers then you would be clueless to who Alpha-5 and Zordon are. The dialogue lacked creativity, they could have made the scenes more monumental.

We give this movie a rating 8 out of 10 because of it’s acting and visual and special effects. They could have elaborated more on the characters but the acting made up for this problem. It is a must see movie for Power Rangers fans or if you’re into martial artist kicking some alien butt.