Vandegrift joins in its first archery tournament


Archery students prepare to shoot the targets at the competition on Oct. 24 at Four Points Middle School.

Stephen King, Writer

For the first time, students participated in an archery tournament at Four Points Middle School. The tournament took place Oct. 24.

“We watched a whole team wade in to shoot,” Leslie Barstow of the archery club said. “Everything went smoothly and it was fun.”

Fourteen students from Vandegrift competed at different times with different skills. Most were freshmen and sophomores and there was only one senior.

“I didn’t do too great, but I did better than usual,” sophomore Blake Birdwell said.

Other high schools who participated in the tournament included Kelton ISD, DG Homeschool, Georgetown High School, and Marcus High School.

“I think some of the archers thrive on competition,” Barstow said. Scores were amazing! Especially for our new shooters.”

Here is a list of the Vandegrift students and their scores out of 300 points:


Sophomore-Sarah Tersigni – 208

Sophomore-Peter Horvath – 220

Freshman-Alexa Garcia – 220

Sophomore-Alex Kirkpatrick – 238

Freshman-Chris Elliot – 242

Sophomore-Blake Birdwell – 248

Sophomore-Zach Kirkpatrick – 251

Freshman-Paul Clukey – 256

Freshman-Cheyenne Fryar – 258

Freshman-Tim Tersigni – 258

Freshman-Michael Tsoi – 263

Senior-Stephen King – 264

Freshman-Ashton Davis – 265

Sophomore-Sarah Barstow – 269


The next tournament will be on Dec. 12 at Four Points Middle School again for qualifying to the state tournament in Belton, Texas, at the end of March. At that time, the archery club will be able to get their t-shirts. For now, all they can do is practice to do better than they did in the tournament.

“I did better than I did at practice,” sophomore Peter Horvath said. “Although there is room for me to improve.”