ESL students celebrate Halloween


Students playing games at the party

Max Bowman, Writer

LA big part of coming to another country is experiencing the many holidays it has to offer. For many students taking ESL ( English Second Language), a course offered to foreign students, they will be experiencing their first Halloween. Every year before Halloween the class holds a party celebrating the occasion, showing off the joys to  those who may never even have heard of it. However, for junior Sam Zimmerman, who is originally from Russia, this is all routine.

“This is my fifth time celebrating Halloween,” Zimmerman said. “While it isn’t my favorite holiday, I do think it’s fun that you get to dress up as whatever you want.”

While some students may have never experienced Halloween, their countries due hold similar events.

“We have St. Martijn and it’s almost the same,” Cas Van Loon, a sophomore from the Netherlands, said. “We don’t dress up. We just go outside and get candy.”

Mima Nazarene, ESL’s teacher, makes sure all the students get a chance to participate and contribute, such as setting up the decorations or bringing foods designate to their country.

“This is our sixth year celebrating,” Nazarene said. “Every year we get the students to do the decorations and we have parents and teachers volunteer for help.”

The biggest thing of the event however, is the pumpkin carving contest. All the students are provided pumpkins and try to carve the best pumpkin ranging from scary grins to cat faces. Meekahal El Halabi, a junior from Lebanon, managed to play underdog and win first place.

“We did the carving here, they gave us all pumpkins,” Halabi said. “Everyone had a table and carved a pumpkin. I’ve never celebrated Halloween or carved a pumpkin, but I liked it a lot.”