The LEGO Club plans for next year

Stephen King, Writer


The LEGO Club has had a good first year as a student organization with all of its members letting their imaginations take on the form of colorful, plastic bricks, and next year it will run again with Whitney Tran, the sister of the club’s founder, as the new leader.

“Next year will probably be similar to this year,” Whitney Tran said. “If we can, we’ll probably do the statue we were planning to do.”

The club was not able to get enough pieces to build their statue, so next year, they will try again to get more pieces from its members.

“We probably won’t do it as extravagant as we wanted,” Whitney Tran said. “It will be something simpler and I wanted to do something for VHS.”

The founder, Keith Tran, will attend college at Texas Tech University where he will study chemical engineering and eventually move onto medical school.

“I’ll probably get some more pieces before I leave,” Keith Tran said.

As for this year, all the constructions that the club members have made will be taken apart and certain members will be selected for special jobs.

“Next year I’ll be having officers,” Whitney Tran said. “We’ll have a vice president to replace anytime I’m busy. We’ll probably have a treasurer and I think a social media person.”

The only other thing that can be done right now is wish Keith a farewell to college.

“It’s become a very nice thing seeing all these people build stuff,” Keith Tran said. “I kind of regret leaving and not seeing everything through but hopefully they can so much better next year than what we can do.”