Restaurant review: Josephine House of Clarksville

The hot spot for brunch, lunch, and dinner in the city.

Kelly Rosenblatt, Editor-In-Chief

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The sister restaurant to Jeffrey’s, Josephine House of Clarksville is located at the corner of Waterston Avenue and West Lynn Street. Surrounded by adorable nurseries and quietly quirky small businesses, it only makes sense that Josephine House personifies the ultimate Austin charm. Aside from the restaurant’s adorable aesthetic, the food is just as visually appealing, and the taste is even better. With a seasonal menu, Josephine House has a refreshing rotation of dishes, sure to please a wide variety of diners. The restaurant also has separate brunch, lunch and dinner menus along with specialty nights such as the Monday Steak and Frites Night, featuring, steak and frites. Josephine House offers full bar service, a brunch and lunch counter/buffet, and made-to-order dishes.

When dining with friends and family last Thursday, I was able to try some of the dishes off of the spring menu. Among all at the table, we ordered the Egg Salad Tartine, the Josephine Rice Bowl, Hand-Cut Noodles and the Pan Seared Gulf Drum. The egg salad was served on perfectly toasted rye bread along with arugula and watermelon radish to add a bit of freshness to the meal. What really made the tartine stand out was that the bread was able to remain crunchy and didn’t get soft, keeping the dish tasting fresh until the last bite.The same crunch was carried over in the Gulf Drum. The sear on the drum was crunchy and flavorful while the fish remained tender and juicy. The most visually appealing dish was the Josephine Rice Bowl, which consisted of black rice with a poached egg and roasted veggies, topped with avocado and salsa verde. The vegetables and rice were not only cooked to perfection, but the dish popped with color and a vibrancy that screamed spring like no other dish I’ve seen in the past few weeks. Lastly, I ordered the Hand-Cut noodles, cooked with a variety of mushrooms and covered in a layer of Parmesan and truffle oil. Rich and tender, the noodles filled me up quickly but were well worth ordering.

The combination of the relaxingly unconventional environment and the delicious menu make Josephine House my new favorite lunch spot. Whether you’re on a date, a girls night, or an office lunch, Josephine House is the perfect restaurant to bring guests to this season.