Sticking with tradition: spring break vacation

Madison Smith, Staff Writer

Second semester has many milestones until the blessed last day of school. Once February break passes, the spring break countdown begins. Spring break is next week and many students are eager to drive or fly far away from school and responsibilities. There are many pros involved in hitting the beach or slopes, and everywhere in between, this break.

Spring break is a little teaser of what summer will be like. For many it will be the first time to put on a swimsuit this year and just hangout at the pool, beach or lake. I love the anticipation of going somewhere far away and putting together an itinerary for my vacation. I am eager myself to be going to Florida and ditching the bipolar Texas weather. A whole week dedicated to being in the sunshine and having a little teaser of summer, is something I am very much looking forward to.

Going away for spring break means that you get to leave all your stresses and responsibilities behind. It is a mental vacation as much as it is a physical vacation. Leaving home forces anyone to just relax and focus on having fun. I am beyond excited to hit the beach, but am almost equally excited just to not have to do homework and worry about tests.

Another reason why going away for the break is so wonderful is that is just adds to the list of highschool memories. In the real world when we have to grow up and work, often we will not have a spring break, so I think taking advantage of this opportunity to go and vacation is a must. Especially as a senior I am determined to make this break with my friends definitely one to remember.

Finally, spring break is a time when you can just be spontaneous. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day routines so leaving can be liberating. In Florida, I plan to go on bike rides through the town and spend the day walking up the shore as far as I can go with my friends. I am highly anticipating ditching normal routines in exchange for summer activities.