French Club holds Cheese Tasting


Laura Figi, Spotlight Editor

To celebrate the first French Club meeting of the year, a cheese tasting was held between not just the French Club, but also the French National Honors Society and the International Club. Members brought cheese, crackers and sparkling cider to share in effort to replicate a typical French lunch.
The meeting was held last Wednesday during PIT. Enough people showed up to fill up the entire room and the meeting was concluded with everyone having full stomachs.
“I thought it was super fun,” junior Ruby Doolittle said. “It was a bit chaotic with all the cheese and everything but it worked out fine.”
Typical announcements were made but ultimately the period was spent enjoying the food and fellowship, all the while watching French YouTube videos.
“Cheese is a really big part of their culture and what they eat every day,” junior Casey Lee said. “You get a glimpse into their culture and everyday lives. I hope we get to learn more about cultures.”
The next French club meeting will be held on Dec. 11 and French Club will hold a French movie night this Saturday at President Katie Holst’s house at 5:30.
“It’s a great start to what’s going to be a great year for French club,” Treasurer Emma Haigh-Hutchinson said. “We have hopeful plans.”