Spanish classes celebrate Day of the Dead


Emma-Rose Floyd photo

Students in Ms. Stevenson’s Spanish class make skeletons and crafts to celebrate Day of the Dead.

Emma-Rose Floyd and Alaina Galasso

The LOTE hall and lounge areas have been decorated with skeletons, skulls and altars, made by the Spanish classes to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, otherwise known as Day of the Dead.

“Dia de los Muertos is a big, happy celebration,” Spanish teacher Mrs. Stevenson said. “It is a big part of their culture whether you celebrate it for religious reasons or just for fun.”

Dia de los Muertos is an ancient tradition that dates back to the Aztec culture and is still celebrated today. People in this culture believe altars lead the dead back to them, so they are decorated with the dead’s favorite things.

“They plant marigolds because they have a strong scent that will help guide the deceased love one come back to them,” Stevenson said. “In many small towns and villages in Mexico and Central America people truly believe that the spirit of deceased loved ones are with them during Day of the Dead.”

Those who celebrate this day dance and play in the graveyard until dawn then go home to have favorite foods and burn incense with friends and family.

“I love Spanish because the culture is fun to learn about,” sophomore Malavika Ramaswamy said. “I can’t wait to experience the culture of Spain someday.”

The Spanish students had their own celebration with food, music and crafts throughout classes today and will continue tomorrow.

“Day of the Dead is wonderful,” sophomore Santiago Palamino said. “We enjoy this day in class because we get to eat and celebrate Mexican culture.”