Former Viper serves up sloppy joes to football team


Sarah Davis , Sports Center

When former VHS lead assistant principal John Sloan transitioned to principal of Cedar Park High School over the summer, Sloan and VHS Principal Charlie Little had a new reason to look forward to the rivalry game between Vandegrift and Cedar Park, as the two had always been cheering on the same side since VHS opened in 2009.

Sloan and Little made a bet that the losing team’s principal would serve the winning team sloppy joes.

“We had talked about some kind of bet since I got the job,” Sloan said. “It kind of evolved from being in the cafeteria in the other schools jersey to serving food to serving sloppy joes to the players. I’m not sure who came up with the final idea, but I’m sure it was Mr. Little.”

After a 39-34 win over the Timberwolves on Friday, Sloan stayed true to his word and served sloppy joes to the varsity team this morning, even sporting a Viper jersey, hairnet and gloves for the occasion.

“It made me feel great. It added to the win against Cedar Park. Winning against Cedar Park was a huge victory and then having their principal come serve us sloppy joes was awesome,” varsity football player Kyle Gardner said.

Before serving, Sloan presented the players, coaches, assistant principals and Little with the game ball with the score written on it.

“Him bringing the ball over was a surprise,” Little said. “Every year we’ll have a new bet and pass the ball back and forth. Hopefully we don’t have to give the ball back for a while.”