Student brings Model United Nations to Vandegrift


Maria Krychniak

Presidetn Riya Saxena presenting the Model UN club

Maria Krychniak, Staff Writer

A new model United Nations club was formed Wednesday. This club will give students the opportunity to learn more about world issues and global affairs.

“The model United Nations is an organization in which students role play delegates from all countries around the world and discuss global affairs,” president Riya Saxena said. “I hope to use this organization to help Vandegrift become more aware of the national issues that we have going on today.”

This organization is mainly geared towards making students dedicate their time to learning and familiarizing themselves with modern day issues around the world.

“We are going to be covering a whole bunch of topics,” Saxena said. “Things like problems in the Middle East and in Africa will probably be discussed the most.”

Recently, Model UN’s have become increasingly popular at high schools. Students are trying to bring school wide attention to global issues that students are not always aware of.

“My brother was in model United Nations when he was in high school so that really motivated me to start one here at Vandegrift,” Saxena said. “I think being able to simulate what real United Nations meetings are like is a really cool thing.”

The model UN club will have the opportunity to travel to other areas in Texas and compete with other model UN clubs.

“We have out of town competition opportunities for those in our club,” Saxena said. “We get to miss school and go compete with other high schools which is pretty neat.”

Anyone can join the model UN organization. Meetings will be held on Wednesdays in Ms. Mogab’s room for those students interested in joining.

“I think everyone should join,” Saxena said. “This club offers so many cool opportunities, including community service projects, and even out of town debates. I really hope that by joining this organization, people will have a deeper understanding about the world and I hope that people walk away more interested in global affairs and conflicts.”