Restaurant of the Month: Barchi Sushi

Kelly Rosenblatt, Editor in Chief


Located on Colorado Street, Barchi Sushi is in the heart of the downtown Austin area giving it a great atmosphere for a night out with friends. The sleek bar is the center of the front of the restaurant, lit with a blue accent light that illuminates the room. Aside from the decor, the service is great. Upon my first visit to Barchi Sushi last Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my friends and I were seated. Not only were we quickly seated, but our beverages and appetizers came quickly and our waitress was on top of our refills at all times. As far as the food goes, there were no complaints. The menu is huge with tons of different sushi rolls and sashimi options, and they even offer bento boxes with red meats and chicken options. Both of my friends loved the rolls they ordered. I ordered the teriyaki chicken bento box and loved every bite of it! The bento box came with thinly sliced teriyaki chicken, a California roll, assorted tempura veggies and shrimp, three pieces of nigiri, a seaweed salad, and steamed rice. The great thing about the bento box is that you get a little bit of everything the restaurant offers, almost like a sampler plate. However, the portion is relatively large and could easily be shared between two people. As far as price goes, Barchi Sushi is reasonably priced, especially for the amount of food you get.The next time you’re looking for a place to go on a night out with friends, take them to Barchi Sushi for good food and a fun night downtown.