Kieran’s Korner

Kieran Daly, Entertainment Editor

This is one of my favorite films of all time. Chronicle is a found footage film directed by Josh Trank. It was actually his directorial debut, which got him the job of director for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. It follows the actions of three high school students before and after they mysteriously gain super powers from an underground find while attending a party.

At first the film has some humorous elements to it, what would high school students really do with super powers? And the answer is simple, increase their popularity, find new ways to have fun and, of course, mess with people in public. But the film isn’t all giggles, there is a more serious, darker story at the heart of Chronicle, one that tests the bond of these three friends as their lives spiral out of control and they start to experience their hidden darker natures.

Seattle teenager Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan) starts to video his life, a life that truly makes you feel sorry for him. His mother is battling cancer in abed from home and his alcoholic father is verbally and physically abusive towards him, most of the times these on screen moments are the most emotional minutes of the film, as you want to help Andrew, but can’t.  Andrew is also frequently bullied at school, which is shown several times through his camera footage.

Andrew’s cousin, Matt (Alex Russell), takes him to school and is the one responsible for Andrew being at the party that sets events into motion. Andrew is the enlightened thinker in the group, but at the same time is the person who really just wants to have a good time.

Steve (Michael B. Jordan) is the typical popular who is loved and adored by all, he is also the student class president. In the film it is portrayed that Steve actually cares for Andrew and tries to help him become more popular at school.

At the heart of the film is the struggle of human nature. Do we let our emotions control us or can we truly be more than simple humanistic urges? The film truly depicts human nature and the emotional effects of death, domestic abuse and bullying on a high school student. The film did well in theaters; considering it only had a budget of $12 million and went on to make $126 million worldwide. As someone who aspires to be a film maker, this film truly represents the level of film making that I would someday like to achieve.