Flashback Prom

Lauren Goulet, Staff Writer

As you fly out the front door with your date on your way to prom, every child dreads the moment when your mom hugs you goodbye and then starts the inevitable story that beings with, “You know, when I went to my high school prom…”

We get it. Your parents are perpetually lame, and you resent them a little bit more each time they delve into another story about their childhood. But what about the other adults in your life? For instance, the smart, respectable men and women that take eight hours out of their day to educate you and give you the knowledge you need to succeed in life.  Your teachers, of course. It wasn’t too long ago that they were all awkward gangly high schoolers heading to prom, just like us.

1.       What was your best memory of your high school prom?

Ms. Wood: “I was so excited while I was dancing that I kicked my leg as high as I could – I had on these really high pumps and one flew off and hurdled across the room, nailing one of the poor parent chaperones right in the stomach! No joke, true story.”

Mr. Feris: “My friends and I took an RV to prom and then drove it down to a beach house. That was fun.”

Ms. Koble: “Probably getting all dressed up, and getting my hair done. I liked feeling fancy and getting to go out to a nice dinner, because that’s not something you normally get to do.”

Coach Heath: “Bowling, we always went to iHop and then went bowling.”

Ms. Sanders: “I don’t know if it was really a memory, but it was more the feeling of knowing that prom was the last time I was really going to be with all of my girl friends. I was excited for college, but at the same time scared and nervous to leave everyone. It was kind of a bittersweet feeling.”

2.       What was your worst?

Ms. Wood: “My date was a goober and, poor thing, he just didn’t know it. My very adorable boyfriend and I had just broken up, and so he went solo, but not me! I thought I’d be cool and get myself a date last minute. He was super annoying. And he wore a light blue suit.”

Mr. Feris: “There was a guy who did a “flying squirrel” into a three foot pool and knocked out his two front teeth. It was pretty funny for us, but probably a horrible memory for him.”

Ms. Koble: “I don’t even have a bad memory, I went to prom twice and it was great both times.”

Coach Heath: “I actually had a fun time, I can’t remember a bad memory.”

Ms. Sanders: “We spent the weekend on the beach, and my sunburn was the worst part. By Sunday I couldn’t even go outside.”

3.       What tips would you give a high school student headed to prom?

Ms. Wood: “Have generally low expectations. Eat a light dinner – don’t make the dinner part like a “huge deal.” Dance a lot. Go have breakfast.”

Mr. Feris: “The obvious, make wise decisions. Also, prom is a fun time to hang out with everybody, not just your own little crew of friends. Spend time with all of your peers and classmates.”

Ms. Koble: “Don’t stress out if everything doesn’t go according to your plans. It will all work out in the end. I think people can get really caught up in the details, just try to have fun in the moment and it will all be fine.”

Coach Heath: “Have fun, it’s supposed to be a fun time. You want to remember it positively, so make positive decisions.”

Ms. Sanders: “Take lots of pictures, because really and truly a lot of these people you will never see again.”

4.       What memorable songs were played at the dance?

Ms. Wood: “I just remember “I’ve Got Friends In Low Places” playing, and my annoying date – who of course knew the entire song – screaming the lyrics along with the rest of the football team. I was, at that point, ready to go home.”

Mr. Feris: “I graduated in 99, so there was Prince, Party Like It’s 1999, Stairway To Heaven. I definitely remember Bootylicious playing, and Destiny’s Child was in full swing.”

Ms. Koble: “I can’t remember a single song that was played. Do people actually remember things like that?”

Coach Heath: “That was the Vanilla Ice age, and I remember It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right and Ice Ice Baby. Oh, and anything by Boyz II Men.”

Ms. Sanders: “Party Like It’s 1999. And they didn’t just play it once. They played it when we walked in, they played it somewhere in the middle, and I’m sure they played it at the end but I left before that.”