New Years’ Resolutions

Avery Brillante, Staff Writer

Although New Years’ resolutions are becoming little more than a “to do” list for the first week of January, people all over the country still decide to set goals they would like to reach within this new year. Some are small, like losing three pounds, and some are long-term, such as having a child. Role models are also an important part of resolutions. People want to be like those they look up to.

“This year, I want to be cool like my sister. And I want to try to get better grades,” junior Jade Lifgren said.

Some people don’t take their resolutions lightly. They make a really big deal out of their goal and actually try to reach it. But other people make resolutions that are a little bit sillier than serious. Most serious resolutions center around being healthier and making better decisions about exercising, yet a week after January begins, the gyms start to empty out again.

“It’s really funny to walk into the gym on like January 2nd and see how many people are there, and come back a week later to an empty room. It shows how much determination Americans really have… not much at all,” Lifgren said.

Some goals that are really important to people make it to the top of the new years’ resolution list each year.

“I really want to improve on my horseback riding and also get my grades up, because they could be a lot better,” sophomore Ashley Breeden said.

The best kind of New Years’ Resolutions are the ones that sometimes make no sense at all. As long as you understand it, it doesn’t matter if other people do. Making funny resolutions can keep it realistic but exciting at the same time.

“I also want to convince my dad to get me a car… to be honest, it’s a long shot. But hey, if it happens, it’ll be so worth it,” Breeden said.

Simple or complicated, goals are important. So this year, make some good resolutions, and maybe even follow through. You’d be pretty surprised how much you’re capable of. Set a goal, and make it happen.