Fast 5 with junior yearbook editor Kylie Pucong

Yness Martinez, Editor

How long have you been on yearbook?

This will be my second year on staff. I took journalism my freshman year and was lucky enough to be on staff last year and absolutely loved my time here. It’s very special because I’m the first junior to ever be an editor, especially in my second year of being on staff, so I’m really lucky to be in this position.

What is your position in yearbook?

Like I said, I’m one of the three editors this year. We basically just create templates for our staff to fill out and put their pictures in, we edit body copy, we take pictures, we essentially make the foundation of our yearbook and help staff capture the content we need.

What is your favorite part of the yearbook?

My favorite thing about yearbook is seeing finished projects come together and seeing our hard work pay off. There’s nothing like it. It makes all the stress worth it. 

What are you excited about this semester?

I’m super excited to cover spring sports and more student life. I think something that makes a yearbook so unique are the trends happening within that year, and it’s super fun to cover trends or memes that pop up.

Can you tease any sick spreads or features the yearbook  will have?

This year’s cover is nothing like we’ve ever designed before and is probably my favorite cover yet. After looking at all of our past covers, this one definitely stands out the mos,t and the theme we’ve created is very sentimental while also capturing what it’s like to go to Vandegrift whether this is your first year here or your last.