Fast 5 with ViperBots’ junior Cameron Hong


Sarah McKelvy

The ViperBots work on their robots during class and after school as well as on weekends, traveling to various competitions, including one in California this year.

Sarah McKelvy, Staff Reporter

What’s your role in Viper Bots?

I am on 12596 Copperhead.

What are ViperBots?

ViperBots is an organization where we build robots to compete in First Competitions.

What do you do in ViperBots?

We have marketing for the robot, the software team to code the robot and hardware people who build the robot.

What special coding stuff do you use to code?

We use CAD which is a computer aided design we use to build the robot. So we go through the entire manufacturing process that actually happens in the industry.

Why do you like ViperBots?

I like hanging out with my friends and it is fun.