Fast 5 with Photography Club founder senior Sierra Allen


Sierra Allen

The photography club founded by senior Sierra Allen is sponsored by art teacher Kaitlyn Van Wagner

Abby Lincks, Editor

When did you start photography club?

Oh, like three years ago.

How has the club progressed?

We went from online to in person, so we went through an entire transition period last year, but we got it, and we’re more hands-on this year.

Is there anything special, in particular, about this year with your club?

We do a lot of photography during the actual club meeting. We do a lot of setups and either still lifes, or we have a model come in. Or, we do like fun, little ghost photos. It’s kind of chill, but learning hands-on at the same time.

Who do you think could be interested in this club?

I think anyone who’s relatively interested in photography and anyone can join anytime.

Are you planning on any holiday specific events/photos?

Not too much. It’s mainly pretty chill photography stuff since everyone gets pretty busy and I don’t want to add any stress of finishing anything since that didn’t work too well last year, sadly. No matter how badly I want to, haha. We might put together an outside meeting for a longer photoshoot time, but that’s still in the works.