Viper camp

Viper camp

Gabriella Sevieri, Staff Reporter

  Viper camp is almost here and PALS students are excited to welcome the incoming freshman! The theme for viper camp this year is tacky tourist and each PAL will be assigned a group of kids from either Four Points for Canyon Ridge. Junior Zoe Emerson, who is part of the PALS program, talks about what fun activities and games the day will consist of.

What are you most excited about for viper camp this year? “This year I am most excited to welcome the newest class to Vandegrift High School. I can’t wait to teach the incoming freshman about our school and the fun facts!” 

What is one thing you hope to do differently this year? “This year, I hope to go all out with my tacky tourist outfit! I think dressing up for different events is super exciting, especially putting your all into the event and the theme this year is really fun.”

Would you say that you think this year is going to be more fun than last year’s camp? “I definitely think that this year’s Viper Camp will be more fun. Last year was COVID so of course it was canceled and we weren’t able to participate or interact with anyone.”

What is something that you think will interest the 8th graders the most? “Something I think will really interest the 8th graders is when we tell them that there is a pool on the roof. It will definitely be fun to see their expressions when they find this out.”

What games are you looking forward to playing with the incoming freshman? “I am super excited to play games with them. One of my favorite games is called Green Glass Door and I can’t wait to see if they end up catching onto the rules of the game.”

What are you going to wear for the tacky tourist theme? “For the tacky tourists theme, I will be wearing a Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, a fanny pack, a Niagara falls hat and of course I have to include my heart sunglasses. I feel like a lot of people are going to go all out for the theme and I am so excited to see all the outfits.”

Are you familiar with any of the 8th graders already? “I am not familiar with any of the 8th graders yet, but I can’t wait to meet and talk to them during viper camp.”

Is there a place on campus that is more fun to explain than the others? What is it? “One of the most fun places to explain is probably the end of building one. There are so many fun rooms in that section that will definitely interest the new freshman, like INCubator and the AV production room. ”