Students plans for the summer


Gabriella Sevieri, Staff Reporter

The end of this year is coming up fast and students are excited for the much needed summer break!  After all of the tests and quizzes that have happened over the course of the year, students cannot wait for it to be warm, sunny and stress free. Sophomore Kailey Mooney is one of those students and already has tons of different summer plans that she is looking forward to. 


Q: What are you most looking forward to this summer? 

A: “This summer, I am looking forward to sleeping in, hanging out with friends and family and going on trips. I hope that it will be even better than last summer, especially with all the fun things I already have planned.”


Q: Is there a specific thing at the end of school that you are excited for? 

A: “At the end of the school year in May, I am going to be playing in a soccer tournament that could potentially get me to play in Colorado. I am so excited about this opportunity and feel like it would be so much fun to play there!”


Q: Are there any specific trips or plans that you have for the summer? What are they? 

A: “One specific trip that came to my mind is a family trip that I have planned to St. Louis. I have extended family that lives there, so it would be nice to see them. I also have trips to Colorado and Washington planned for soccer.”


Q: What activities do you enjoy the most while on summer break?

A: “Some of my favorite things to do during the summer are going on the boat, because I can wakesurf which is super fun. I love swimming and seeing my friends as well.”


Q: Are you planning on taking any specific courses this summer? 

A: “I am not planning on doing any courses over the summer, I think my main focus is really just soccer and enjoying the much needed break.”


Q: Are you interested in any water sports like surfing or wakeboarding? Are you interested in trying any? 

A: “I love tubing and, as I said before, surfing! I have done wakeboarding too and would really love to try and get better at it over the summer. I think it seems like a fun thing to be able to master.” 


Q: What has been one of your favorite summers from your past? 

A: “One of my favorite summers has been the summer I went to Alaska with my family! It was super fun and I got to see tons of new things that I had never seen before, like the super pretty mountains and the wildlife.” 


Q: What would you rate your summer last year and what goals do you have this summer? 

A: “I would rate my summer last year a 4 out of 5, because it was fun but not the best it could have been. This school year has been great, but I can’t wait to make this summer better than the one before!”