Reflecting back through the lens: Audio Visual students look back at their year so far


Photographed by: Gabriella Sevieri

Senior AV students, Erin Seitzler and Anna Zavelson, reflect on their year in the class so far.

Gabriella Sevieri, Staff Reporter

Audio Visual (AV) students zoom in on their favorite moments from class this year. Seniors Erin Seitzler and Anna Zavelson reflect on the colleges they have applied to and their futures in AV. They are still deciding what their futures hold for them, but they are excited for the things that are going to come into focus for them. 

“In the future, I am actually going to be getting a BMA in college for musical theater,” Zavelson said. “But a lot of the programs I have been accepted to have an audio visual program in place as well.” 

Seitzler and Zavelson have looked into all types of colleges, not just those that focus on AV. Most of the colleges they have applied to though, have had a good supporting program for AV. 

“I actually was not looking for a school with a specific audio visual program. I was kind of just applying to schools that I liked that had film programs,” Seitzler said. “I looked at Arizona State University and they are in the top 40 for film programs, but that is about the highest I went up to.” 

AV class has left a positive impact in both girls’ lives, including friendships. Thinking about the beginning of the year to the things they have improved on now is a significant jump. 

“My first year of AV, I was super disorganized because I would save things all over the place and it was frustrating because I was never able to find my files,” Zavelson said. “But I have gotten way better at it and have improved a lot.”

The AV students have put in significant dedication and hard work to a variety of projects that have already been produced, along with several that are being worked on currently.  The primary goal of most AV projects is to benefit and entertain the Vandegrift student body. 

“Right now, I am in the process of writing a script for the film Soap for the Vandegrift theater department’s one act play,” Seitzler said. “I have also gotten some footage for a documentary I am working on, along with filming our podcast Crimeyak.”

As they look back on the class, they have come out with products they will never forget. Whether that be a script, podcast or film, each outcome has left them with a fun memory made. Other skills, like being more organized have also played a big role in class. 

“For me I think organization has been one of the biggest things I have learned about being in this class,” Zavelson said. “In AV, everything is labeled really specifically so you know the location of it and everything is saved in a specific place.”

Seitzler took the time to reflect back on the final year of AV class so far. The class includes many different film projects where the students usually have the chance to show off their creativity. 

“One of my favorite projects from the class this year was definitely the scene recreation project,” Seitzler said. “This was where we got to choose our favorite scenes from any movie and recreate it.”

Many fond memories are tied to the AV class for Seitzler and Zavelson. But, they are excited to get to college and are ready to put everything they’ve learned to use in the future.