Q&A with All-State Choir Honoree Avani Rayasa

The choir sent 13 students to audition for All-State honors last weekend in San Antonio. The following students earned All-State: Neha Poreddy, Raine Collier, Maura Connors, Varsha Kumar, Akash Shah, Matthew Pegany, and Avani Rayasa.

Rayasa, a junior, shares her experience.

Have you made it to this level before? 
This is my first time making it past Area auditions. I didn’t participate in ninth grade, but I did last year [as a sophomore]; my motivation was pretty low because everything was online. This year, though, I’ve been practicing more diligently and more frequently, and I have more confidence in my singing skills, which is what I think led to my advancement to this round.
What were you most looking forward to on your trip to San Antonio?
I was most looking forward to being done with my audition, because I’d be less nervous, and I was curious to know who made All-State.
What do you feel separates those that make All-State with other singers?
I think there isn’t much of a difference between the two categories; everyone in our choir program knows how to read, sing, and execute music well. However, All-State singers are able to dissect pieces of music down to the very last detail, which is something that pushes their skill to the next level.
What do you feel makes Vandegrift’s choir program special or unique?
The VHS choir program is like a family; we all have very different interests, but choir is one thing that brings us together. We motivate each other to do our best, but we still engage in friendly competitions.