Sweatshirt Weather

Senior entrepreneur sells sweatshirts


Natalie Wong

Natalie Wong smiles, as she models her new Vandegrift sweatshirt

Taylor Chronert, Staff Reporter

Now that fall is here and it’s getting chilly, it’s time for sweatshirt weather. Senior Gemma Goddard is making and selling Vandegrift sweatshirts to help students stay warm and comfy while showcasing school spirit.

“I had the idea over the summer, but it wasn’t useful because it was very hot. I made the sweatshirts a couple weeks ago,” Goddard said.

After her sister showed her a video about making school-themed clothes, Goddard came up with the sweatshirt design.

“I saw a TikTok of this girl making a T-shirt for her college and I thought to do a sweatshirt because I love sweatshirts and needed something to do during quarantine,” Goddard said. 

Goddard spent 30-45 minutes making each of the sweatshirts. She is happy with the finished product. 

“I didn’t think they would turn out well,” Goddard said. “They are soft and comfy and I was more worried about sewing the sweatshirts together because I thought it wouldn’t turn out good or be uncomfortable.”

For Goddard, this is actually a return to sewing. When she was 8 years old, her grandmother taught her how to sew and she used to make clothes.

“I’ve always been interested in sewing and took classes, but I didn’t have a passion [for it] in high school,” Goddard said. 

Using her Instagram story and SnapChat, Goddard advertised her new business for 24 hours and several people bought the sweatshirts. She has continued to sell them for $35, with the option of customizable sleeves for $5 more.

“Everyone who bought one told me that they like it and it made me really happy because I created it and made it,” Goddard said.

Goddard has sold five sweatshirts so far and even had a client who bought three. She is using the money she makes to purchase materials and craft things such as stickers. 

“The quality was great and I had no idea she handmade them,” senior Natalie Wong said. “She prewashed them and it fits me great, it’s so comfy.”

Wong isn’t the only one who recommends Goddard’s sweatshirts, senior Ayla Winterberg loves hers. She’s received several compliments on hers since purchasing it.

“I would recommend people get one,” Winterberg said. “I like how it’s a little bit different than all the other Vandegrift T-shirts and merch.”

As it gets colder and sweatshirts become more of a necessity, Goddard wants to put more focus into advertising the product.

“I want to start advertising more when it gets colder, like putting pictures on my Instagram story,” Goddard said. “I recommend people get one because they are super comfy and unique and would be great for all the cold football games.”