Doughnuts for drivers

FCA gives thanks to Vandegrift’s bus drivers


Jonathan Jones

FCA members gather by the bus lanes awaiting buses to pull in

Priya Gregerson, Co-Editor

The wheels on the bus go round and round, but at Vandegrift, love goes around too. Fellowship of Christian Athletes arrived early Thursday morning with doughnuts and appreciation posters for the bus drivers. 

“This event was important for FCA because it’s a way for us to give back to our community and the people who make up our school,” senior Jaclyn Helton said. “Our bus drivers tend to go unnoticed a lot of the time so [through FCA], we have a way for us to like love on others.”

Bus driver appreciation day is one of the most important and major events that FCA is involved in during the year. Prior to the event, the leaders of FCA created decorative and colorful posters with words of kindness and thankfulness.

“We got to see a lot of good reactions from the bus drivers, them feeling appreciated, so it was a cool experience,” senior Kianna Nelder said. “It didn’t matter how old we were or who we were, it’s just important to us to show love in any way we can even if it’s in such a simple and easy way.”

The morning of the event FCA sponsor Jonathan Jones purchased boxes of doughnuts to hand out to the drivers as they pulled into the bus lane. 

“My favorite part about the day was that I actually got to go on the buses and offer the doughnuts to the bus drivers,” senior Sophia Erskine said. It was interesting to interact with the bus drivers and see how one little gesture could light up their face.”

Helton said she had a lot of fun that day and she’d definitely do it again. She also enjoyed getting to interact with not only the drivers, but the students as well as they exited the buses. 

“A lot of the bus drivers so grateful, which made me so happy,” Helton said. “But it also made me realize that we need to do more for them because they do so much for us. We should be appreciating them all the time, not just one day.”