Student Spotlight: Tyson Smith

Peyton Klam, Staff Reporter

With the school year coming to a close, senior Tyson Smith has made the most of his first and last year at Vandegrift. Smith moved from San Diego a month before the school year began.

“It was definitely unplanned,” Smith said. “My mom had talked with my counselor already which made my first couple of weeks a lot easier.”

Starting at a new school is always difficult, more so for a senior in high school coming from an entirely different state.

“I was 30 minutes late the first day which was super embarrassing,” Smith said. “I didn’t know traffic was going to be so bad here. When I walked into my classes I didn’t know anyone so I sat in the back of every class until I started talking with some of the kids.”

Smith is a part of the varsity baseball team, which is where he met some of his now good friends.

“It’s hard fitting into a new team,” Smith said. “Most of the team had already been playing with each other for years so it was difficult to fit in for the first month or so. Once I got to know everyone it has been a lot easier and more fun.”

Competition in any aspect of life brings people closer. Being in the baseball class helped Smith grow friendships and bonds with his teammates.

“The week of competitions that we did in baseball helped me bond with my teammates,” Smith said. “That is where I really started talking to more people, we were all competitive and that helped me learn more about the kids in the class.”

Smith says he has gotten into the flow of things. He adjusted to his new environment.

“I am definitely more comfortable now than when I first moved here,” Smith said. “When I first got here I had no idea what to do, the multiple classes and hallways were super confusing.”

Some say starting a new routine is difficult. Going from doing the same things every day to not being able to do those things is challenging to them.

“I do miss all my friends back in San Diego,” Smith said. “We use to go to the beach and surf every morning and obviously I can’t do that anymore here. It was difficult to adjust at first.”

Smith plans to pursue baseball in college, but is unsure where. He is still undecided on his major.

“I hope to be playing baseball in college,” Smith said. “If I can’t play then I will be attending Arizona State University, but I would like to continue my baseball career somewhere.”