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Red Cross allows students to help others

Priya Gregerson, Staff Reporter

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For anyone who’s looking for a club to join that will allow them to have an impact on the community, Red Cross Club opens their doors to real life volunteer opportunities. Being a member is one thing but being an officer is a whole other world. This year, sophomore Chloe Barborak is the club’s treasurer and sophomore Maryam Siddiqui is the club’s historian.

“I really like what Red Cross club stands for,” Barborak said. “I like how it’s a joined club where you’re helping people and participating in making the community better. It’s also a medical based club which I’m very interested in going into the medical field so it’s kind of the best of the best of both worlds. I like the participation that Red Cross club has to offer like helping out in the blood drives, helping out at Jingle Bell Run and Mobile Loaves and Fishes.”

Even though Siddiqui and Barborak were assigned specific roles, they are to help out in wherever they are needed. Siddiqui usually finds herself re-organizing the club website, keeping it up to date, taking pictures of events and making powerpoints and Kahoots for club. Barborak’s main responsibility is to take care of club dues however she also helps out with hanging up posters, signing people up for the blood drive, helping plan meetings and fundraising.

“I used to really want to be a treasurer as my profession and that’s why I tried out to be the treasurer in Red Cross club,” Barborak said. “I’m still really passionate about business and finance and I think it’s a really interesting career path to go down. I also like to be in control of the meetings and understand what is going on in a higher level than just being a member of the club.”

The club plays an important role in organizing blood donations at school The blood donations are then given to hospitals where it has the potential to save people’s lives. Red Cross club also aids in natural disaster reliefs which have been very common recently.

“Red Cross club has made me a much more active member in our community,” Barborak said. “Before I joined, I didn’t volunteer as much and I didn’t really know how to participate in our community and school. Now that I’m in Red Cross club, I know that I’m making a difference.”

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Red Cross allows students to help others