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Lessons in takedowns

Wrestling challenges competitors physically, mentally
Lourdes Hernandez Peraza

In the dimly lit arena, the crowd’s roars symbolize anticipation for the wrestlers as they prepare for the clash of hostility. But beyond the screaming and chanting, lies a world of determination and untold stories that makes wrestling more than just a sport.

Growing up as someone who’s been picked on and beat up because of their size, Laith Hijazi and many others had to find a way to make life special, or at least bearable. Luckily, wrestling provided a way to comfort them through discipline and training. Wrestling was not just a sport to him and many others. It gave them a purpose, a way of life. 

“Wrestling is special because it’s a sport that doesn’t get much attention and so when you do go put in all the hard work,” varsity wrestler Korosh Kalantar said, “and you see the few other people doing it, you just feel like you stand out, and that’s important to me.” 

Many wrestlers start out mostly at a very young age. Most were inspired and sucked in by their friends or simply just following in their family’s footsteps, looking for a way to fit in. But, there are a few special others who were picked on and bullied, desperate for protection and growth. 

“I was just a really tiny kid and needed a way to defend myself,” varsity wrestler Hijazi said, “and grow physically and mentally.” 

Muscle to muscle, technique to technique all competing at once seamlessly to earn a win. A sport that’s designed for you and your opponent against each other. 

“It’s not just a team; it’s by yourself,” JV wrestler Doke Timmerman said. “And, it’s YOU winning the match, which I really like.” 

There’s nothing wrong with following in your family’s footsteps or just doing something that your relatives really enjoyed as a way to show your appreciation towards them.  

“Wrestling has been a family sport for a long time,” JV wrestler Trevor Parker said. “My brother wrestled his whole life, so my family deeply loved wrestling.” 

After joining wrestling, wrestlers viewed it as a crucial gear of their life. Confidence is the key in their life, and wrestling is what gives them the key. 

“It motivated me. I learned that I can do something now,” Hijazi said, “[and] in case something happens to me.” 

 Wrestlers preferred to practice in school and outside of school. Everyone needs a way to improve their skills quickly and effectively. 

“I go to a training club,” Kalantar said, “called 3F Wrestling.” 

Technique and the ability to last longer than your opponents becomes the key to winning the match. Without training, there is no suffering, if there’s no suffering, there is no succeeding. 

“Endurance is one of the biggest challenges, it is a heavy stamina sport,” Parker said. “If you are not cardio-prepared for the sport, then you could easily focus, lose your strength, and easily get taken down.”

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About the Contributor
Lourdes Hernandez Peraza
Lourdes Hernandez Peraza, Staff Reporter
Lourdes Hernandez-Peraza is a junior and is excited for her first year on the Voice. In addition to being a part of the staff, she also participates in theater, UIL academics, and National French Honor Society. In her free time, you can catch Lourdes reading, cross-stitching, baking and making smoothies, or doing nail art.

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