Q&A with Varsity Girls Basketball player, Sarah Sheriff

Natalie Weber, Staff Reporter

Sarah Sheriff is a junior and has played on the Varsity team since freshman year. Sheriff is extremely passionate about basketball and is a star player on the team. Here is how she feels about the start of the 2022 season:

  1. How do you feel about the basketball season so far? 
  • The basketball season has been going well so far, we’ve only lost to one other team in the district so far and we’re looking to continue growing for the remainder of the season


  1. How do you feel about your performance this season? 
  • I definitely think that I’m improving this year on offense and especially on defense which we emphasize in the program. I’m excited to continue growing with the team as we head into playoffs in early February 


  1. How has your team’s performance been this season? 
  • We’ve done this season so far! Our fall league runs and tournaments have definitely ensured our ability to compete in our district. 


  1. How has your team’s performance been this season? 
  • Our new coach year has been amazing in developing all of the players in the program. We’ve collectively improved throughout the off season through new drills and regimens that have allowed us to be a competitive team this season. 


  1. How do you feel your team has bonded?
  • Our team has bonded throughout the season. We have team dinners and activities that allow us to get to know each other better.


  1. How have members contributed to the team? 
  • The most important thing that everyone contributes to the team is their energy. Whether it’s on Hustle  defensive plays, getting extra rebounds on offense, or simply cheering on the team, everyone has a role to play in our success.


  1. What is your favorite team memory from this season? 
  • One of my favorite memories with the team is our tournament in Dallas. We learned a lot about of dynamics as a team and got to know each other better


  1. What do you feel are the team’s strengths? 
  • We have developed a strong defensive presence this year which has aided in contesting some of the more formidable teams in our district. 


  1. How do you want to impact the basketball program here? 
  • I want to impact our team by bringing my energy and hopefully having that as a part of the program.


  1. What are some goals that you want to accomplish this season?
  • One of our biggest goals this season is to win 1st in districts and go to advance far into playoffs.