Q&A with Evan Farrow


Karina Brown

Evan Farrow faces off against Austin high in vandegrift basketballs season opener.

Callen Nutt, Staff Reporter

Callen Nutt- How did yall think you performed in tonight’s game as a player and as a team

Evan Farrow – I think we performed great, we moved the ball and played well as a team.

Callen Nutt – What do you see for the team’s future this season?

Evan Farrow – I think the future is bright for our team, we are improving a lot and I think as long as we stay focused we will have a great season.

Callen Nutt – What was challenging about this particular game?

Evan Farrow – I think once we got out to a big lead at the beginning we had to make sure we stayed focused and didn’t turn the ball over. Which sometimes happens when you get out to a big lead.

Callen Nutt – How has your coach prepared you for this season?

Evan Farrow – Coach Ellis and Coach walling have done a great job giving us the right plays to run, and setting us up to succeed. We wouldn’t be able to play near as well as we have been without them.

Callen Nutt – Are there any games you’re looking forward to this year?

Evan Farrow – I’m really looking forward to our game against vista. It’s going to be a home game and they are a good team.