Vandegrift student section returns


Yoshita Dhawal

The Vandegrift student section celebrates together at the first football home game which was against Cedar Park High School.

Natalie Weber, Staff Reporter

To ring in the new school year, the first home football game last Friday night at Monroe Stadium was open at full capacity to hold students and the surrounding community. The stands were filled with people cheering on the Vandegrift football team.

“Football games are always a very memorable experience because you get to hang out with friends and other football players,” said junior Sarah Sheriff. “Especially with home games, many of the people that attend are from not only the high school, but are also from the neighboring Four Points and Steiner Ranch communities. The football game brings a lot of people together.” 

Much of the community takes great pride in “Viper Nation” and were in attendance at the Black Out game. The stands were full, and the tickets sold out as everyone came together to represent the black and silver.

“We are lucky to go to a big school where athletics are important because our student section takes the games very seriously,” said junior Alli Waddle. “They are always cheering, which is great for the players and the other students who may not enjoy the sport itself, but love to have a great time can all sing our chants which are really fun and allow for everyone to participate.” 

Not only does the student section allow for students to come together, but the section also helps players feed off of the energy that the students create through chants, cheers, signs and excitement. 

“I think the energy from the student section helps motivate the players to do better,” said Sheriff. “The students only want the best for the team and having us cheer them on allows us to support them not only during the victories but also during the losses.” 

The student section will be featured again on Friday, Sept. 17 at 7 p.m. when Viper Football will play against the Stony Point Tigers at Stony Point. The Student Section tradition will continue throughout the rest of the football season as they root for the vipers. 

“To me, the student section means family,” said Waddle. “We are cheering and rooting for the same thing during the game, which allows for everyone in the section to come together as one, no matter who the person is.”