Girls soccer headed to state


Photo creds: vandegrift_soccer Instagram page

The girls soccer team after winning the 6th game of the playoffs.

Arabella Villarroel, Staff Reporter

The varsity girls soccer team has been on a roll this season. They have won at all six games so far in the playoffs and are going to compete in the 7th and final round today.

“This team has more trust in each other than any other team in Texas does, everyone knows each other very well, we’re super comfortable with each other on and off the field,” sophomore Libby Brooker said. “We all have a really good bond, and that translates into how we play on the field, and it makes us ultimately successful.”

The final round will be at six tonight at the Birkelbach Stadium in Georgetown. 

“I didn’t think that we would make it this far, so I have already exceeded my hopes for this,” Brooker said. “Now I’m just wanting to play and bring home a state title because we’ve made it this far and we only have one game left so we gotta give it our all.”

The team is composed of 17 seniors, four juniors, four sophomores, and one freshman. 

“We know when we step on that field, that it’s not just about how well we can kick the soccer ball, it’s about working for each other working looking to your left looking to your right and saying, that’s my teammate, I’m gonna work hard for them,” senior Sarah Devaney said. “We know who we represent, we know what our goals are and that’s so important for us.”

Because of COVID-19 the team has quarantined several times, and missed games because of it. They have had less interaction with the other teams, and haven’t been able to have as many team bonding activities as they normally would.

“We used to have team dinners before our home games and we haven’t been able to do that this year and team bonding is so important in soccer, to have team chemistry is so important,” Devaney said. “Because of COVID-19 we haven’t gotten to do a lot of team bonding outside at the soccer field, but we definitely found ways to bond with each other in whatever ways we could.”

The team has scored 24 goals in the playoffs so far, and hope to win the state championship for the first time in 6 years.

“As a team we’re all willing to grind through games and we’re willing to put it all on the line for each other and for our school and  for our fans and for everyone that supported us,” Devaney said. “My hope is to bring home a win.”