Home Run Derby Preview

Justin Jalomo, Sports Reporter

The Home Run Derby is an event where it’s the last push for the baseball team to make money for the program.

“As always, we have ex-MLB players talking to the kids and we hit on the field,” senior Peyton Klam. “The last two years, they’ve started doing donations like someone sponsors you. It’s a great exposure to all of the kids in our community because they can come out and hit. It’s $10 for 12 swings, you can hit on the field and get to hang around the Viper baseball players.”

At this event, everyone sits in the stands to listen to Coach McGee talk about what the team wants to achieve this season and then have the kids come to the field and hit.

“We’ll have players and other dads or coaches throwing to them,” Klam said. “Then, we’ll have the other kids field the ball that the other kids are hitting and all of the other players will be in the outfield.”

After the kids hit, there is a questionnaire with ex-MLB and current MLB players.

“The kids get to ask questions because they look up to the players that have played in the MLB, at the highest level,” Klam said.

MLB players show up so they can show up to answer questions from the kids and get autographs.

“They don’t do it all the time, like last year they didn’t,” Klam said. “This year, every person can get one thing autographed and answer questions from the kids so we can gain more knowledge about what college basketball and professional baseball is.”

The event started a couple of years ago because the team needed another fundraiser to make more money for the program.

“This seemed like the most exciting and fun way to do that because we can get everyone in the community involved,” Klam said.

The purpose of the event is to get new equipment for the program.

“It’s our final push to make money for the program to get new batting cages, new uniforms, jerseys, new baseballs because baseballs are super expensive. Also, any details we might need for our cages, the field and for the team, like the jerseys and baseballs.”

Lately, the event has contributed tremendously to the program as the batting cages are getting covered this summer so the team can hit in them, no matter what the weather is like.

“We make the most money from this fundraiser because it’s the best way to get the whole community involved,” Klam said. “Everyone gets to come out and have fun and hit some baseballs, dads and kids.

Anyone can show up to this event, whether you’re a baseball fan or a person who wants to come out and support the team.

“For baseball families, it’s free to come in but for everyone else, it’s $10 to come in and the $10 will help you enter the silent auctions and you get lunch,” Klam said. “Some of the baseball dads grill hamburgers for everyone and with that admission, you get all of that so it’s not like you’re paying $10 to get in and then paying more for the auctions and food.”

The Home Run Derby is tomorrow at Venom Field from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.