Girl’s varsity soccer defeats Westwood 2-0

Justin Jalomo, Sports Reporter

Continuing district play, the girls varsity soccer team took on the Westwood Warriors and came out victorious 2-0, bringing their record to 7-1-4 and 4-0-2 and 2nd place in district.

“It was awesome because we deserved the win,” senior Anna Borer said. “We knew it was going to be a tough game.”

During practice, the team does a lot of fitness, as it helps them during the games, and a lot of shooting.

“We worked on a lot on shooting because we couldn’t finish in our previous games but I felt that really helped us,” Borer said.

Some strengths of the team during the game was the communication on the field and their speed.

“We passed the ball and had the ability to keep possession of the ball,” senior Madison Daniel said. “We finished our shots and took each opportunity.”

A weakness of the team was shooting. The team takes multiple shots throughout the game but never finish the majority of the shots.

“We got two goals which is awesome, but we had a lot of shots but we haven’t finished most of them,” Daniel said. “I felt we could’ve gotten a bunch more goals in but we only had two shots.”

Daniel didn’t play but contributed to the team by cheering on her team and keeping the team positive.

“It felt great to contribute,” Daniel said. “I love supporting my team to the best I can.”

Borer contributed to the team by defending and communicating with the team.

“It felt great to lead the team and keep the back line connected throughout the game,” Borer said.

Junior Lexi Spinetta contributed to the team by telling the team ‘Let’s go hard’ before every game.

“It gets my team ready to go and I encourage everybody to shoot,” Spinetta said. “It felt great to contribute. I love my team.”

The game gives the team confidence as they head into their game Friday against Leander.

“It helps us with Friday’s game to keep the winning mentality and be mentally prepared with what comes next in the season,” Borer said.

Although the game is Friday, the team had a bye yesterday and used the day as a day to rest.

“We have an off day so we’re going to rest and catch up and get ready to go on Friday,” Spinetta said.

Currently, the team is on a two game winning streak and plan to keep the momentum alive going into Friday and make it a three game winning streak.

“We’re going to continue working on finishing in the back of the net and keep communicating and create a winning mentality,” Borer said.

The game against Leander is Friday at Leander at 7:15 p.m..