Girls Varsity Soccer defeat Hays 4-1

Justin Jalomo, Sports Reporter

Tired from the bus ride, not starting off the first half strong and ahead 2-1 at halftime, the girls varsity soccer team found their groove in the second half and defeated Hays 4-1.

“It was exciting because it was their senior night so they came out a lot stronger,” freshman Sarah Devaney said. “Last game was 5-1 so we were nervous because they came out a lot stronger than we thought, but we got our rhythm back and we beat them.”

In the practices leading to the game, the team did a lot of crossing and finishing.

“It’s how I scored my goal in that game,” Devaney said. “We had that flow and we had that hunger to score.”

One strength of the team was coming into the second half a lot stronger than the first half.

“We started to connect and we decided to forget about our circumstances; it was an hour bus ride and we were going to finish this game,” Devaney said.

One weakness of the team was putting pressure on one of their players.

“We didn’t put pressure on her and it led to their only goal,” junior Olivia Elwood said.

One thing the team can make an improvement on is being able to score.

“We out play teams and we should beat them by a lot more,” Devaney said.

In the game, Devaney contributed to the team by scoring the first goal of the second half.

“It was my first goal of the season so it was exciting and that’s when we started to get our rhythm back and then we got our confidence back so we could go score again,” Devaney said.

Elwood contributed to the team by communicating with her teammates on the back line.

“I made sure my back line and I were always on the same page,” Elwood said.

The game did help the girls prepare themselves for their final regular season game against Lake Travis, which they ended up winning 1-0.

“Every game always helps us prepare for the next as we get better for each one and focus on what we need to fix to be at our best,” Elwood said.

The team not only became district champions, but also earned a spot in the playoffs.

“It feels great that we have a spot in the playoffs,” Elwood said. “We worked extremely hard to get one, and we even finished first in our district which will help us down the road.”