Fantasy Football is here

Blakely Dimiero and Peyton Klam

The NFL season wasn’t the only thing that started a few weeks ago, Fantasy Football also kicked off on Sept. 7. Fantasy Football is a competition in which participants draft imaginary teams from the players in the NFL and score points according to the actual performance of their players.

“Fantasy football to me is when you get together with your friends,” junior Zander Sheffield said. “You have a really fun time watching football and competing against each other for money and it’s a very fun experience.”

As many as 33 million people participate in playing each year and the season lasts 13 weeks and then playoffs begin. It’s a challenge to win your league.

“I read ESPN articles and look up the matchups for my quarterback and running back against a defenses secondary or an offensive lines ability against a blitz.” senior Vincent Zambito said. “This way you have an idea on how one of your players will do before the game starts”

Although some may think Fantasy is easy to play, there is a lot of strategy and purpose to whom the player will draft on his or her team and whether or not to play them for the week.

“Fantasy football is very challenging,” Sheffield said. “Although my league has only eight players, each team has a lot of star players, making the season just as challenging as a 12 person league.”

Fantasy football gives team members a reason to keep up with the current season and how each player is doing and be updated on games and player injuries or statistics.

“Fantasy makes football fun,” junior Zach Chmura said. “It gives me a reason to watch all of the games during the week.”