From halftime to primetime


Alex Stadthaus accepts check for winning Kicking for Cash, representing the basketball team

Carson Field, Sports Editor

For one Vandegrift student, kicking at halftime led to a spot on the varsity football team and a new line of opportunities.

“I was introduced to kicking in middle school, and ever since, I have been really interested,” junior Alex Stadthaus said. “I participated in a halftime contest called ‘Kicking for Cash,’ and I was participating for the basketball team. I kicked pretty well, and eventually won the contest, which won me a spot on the football team mid-season.”

Stadthaus is a junior at Vandegrift High School and a three-sport athlete, playing on the varsity football, basketball and soccer teams. He made four out of the eight field goals he attempted this season, and he is looking to improve those numbers by training in the offseason.

Head coach Drew Sanders said he thinks Stadthaus will be very important to the Vipers down the stretch.

“An accurate kicker can make all the difference,” Sanders said. “We lost a couple of very close games last year and some of it was due to the kicking game. We are expecting Stadthaus to be very accurate and help us win.”

Stadthaus’ first made field goal came in the loss against Westlake, and it was not an easy kick.

“In my first game out I made a 38-yarder against the wind against Westlake,” Stadthaus said.

His longest field goal made in a game is 42 yards, and Stadthaus claims he has range beyond that distance.

“In a game, the longest I have made is a 42-yarder, but I have only kicked in a few games because I was brought on the team halfway through the year,” Stadthaus said. When I practice with my dad, I can make a 65-yarder, but not consistently.”

Because of his performance, Stadthaus has gotten the attention of colleges, and he will attend multiple collegiate kicking camps this summer.

“I’m going out to Los Angeles for a couple weeks for UCLA’s kicking camps and I’m going to Madison, Wisconsin for the University of Wisconsin’s kicking camp,” Stadthaus said.

These camps are very selective, and Stadthaus plans to make the most of these opportunities and impress the programs.

“They’re very difficult to get into, and obviously they don’t pay attention to everybody, but you still have to get your name out there and make an impact,” Stadthaus said. “They’ve been pretty interested in me, so it should be a fun experience, and I don’t know what to expect.”

Despite only kicking for part of a season, Stadthaus said he would consider playing kicker in college if offered the opportunity.

“If I got a scholarship to play in college, that would be really cool, and if I could kick for a university, that would be a really spectacular experience,” Stadthaus said. “But if it doesn’t happen, I don’t think it would be the end of the world. I’m just looking to do whatever is the most fun and what will benefit me for life.”