Faculty VS. Student Softball Game

Kate Schulte and Lane Williard

The annual slow-pitch faculty vs. student softball game was held Friday, May 12th during end-of-day pit.

“It was really a joy to see the girls play against the faculty”, said head softball coach Sarah Clark. It’s fun to see the girls play in their prime against people I work with who are trying to relive their prime.”

The game starts at 3:03 and ended at 3:45, all students, that purchased a wristband, and parents were welcome to attend.

“I played the third base coach for the game, said sophomore Madi Hinojosa . “I’m looking forward to playing against our coaches again next year, and seeing other teachers try to play.”

The wristbands will be $5 per person, and were being sold all week during all three lunches.

“This was the first year the softball girls have ever won, the score was 2-0, said Clark. We had all of varsity play expect the few girls who were injured and then few of the junior varsity players.”

14 teachers played in the game and the Assistant Principals played as the umpire’s.

“Playing against my teachers and all the staff was super fun and is something all of us softball girls look forward too, said sophomore Kailey Allen. I’m looking forward to competing against our teachers again next year and hopefully beating them again!”