Tennis advances to State

Kate Schulte and Lane Williard

Three varsity tennis teams are competing in the state competition on March 18th and 19th at A&M University.

“I’m extremely proud of how everyone has done this season and I can’t wait to see how we do at state, said head tennis coach Daniel White. I’m quite impressed with everyone’s performance, especially Nic Cusano who is used to playing singles and is now on a doubles team and going to state.”

One the teams competing consist of one single player- Gabby Cusano. Gabby is a  sophomore and has is Nic Cusano’s twin sister.

“I’m looking forward to the competition that I’ll be experiencing at state,” sophomore Gabby Cusano said. “It’s very cool to be able to be on the same team as my twin brother and experience state with him.”

The second team competing is a boys doubles team consisting of sophomore Nic Cusano and senior Chris McKenzie.

“I’m really proud of how we have all done this season and how much we have grown,” said sophomore Nic Cusano. “I started off playing singles and then before districts I switched to doubles, which I am not used to, although my partner and I have done well and will continue to at state.”

The last team competing is a mixed doubles team consisting of siblings senior Zach and sophomore Charli Delmonico.

“I feel that Zach and I had an exceptional season, our styles of play mix very well which allowed us to be a successful team,” said sophomore Charli Delmonico. “Zach and I never get tired of spending hours together on the tennis court. I’m so grateful that I was able to play with him before he leaves for college and I wouldn’t change this experience for the world.”